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Barbara Ellis-Woroch, PhD – President, The Work Studies Institue,LLC

Human Behavior Expert

Barbara Ellis-Woroch, PhD  in psychology  and a human behavior expert and a board certified behavior Analyst.  She is a consultant and coach at locations throughout the country. 

Dr. Ellis-Woroch graduated Magna Cum Laude in the field of Industrial 

and Organizational Psychology. She’s a subject-matter expert in negative emotions and violence in the workplace and is a master trainer Workplace Conflict Mediation and Resolution. 

She practices Organizational Behavior Management  and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Dr. Ellis-Woroch also consults with parents of autistic children requiring behavioral intervention to enable them to live productive and fullfilling lives.

Barbara is a spokesperson for “Bridge Builders” for high schools, colleges, universities and the community. Bridge Builders is a sub-committee of the Education and Training Committe within the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologist. 
I/O psychologists are considered the “top minds” in the country for organizations.

She is the Vice President of Public relations with the Destin Toastmasters. Ambassador with the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce. Graduate of Fairleigh-Dikerson University.

In addition to being a strategic partner of 360 Solutions, Barbara’s professional affiliations include:

  • A graduate of Eckert College Mediation Institute
  • The American Psychological Association (APA)
  • The Society of I-O Psychologists (SIOP)
  • The Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)
  • Area Chamber of Commerce

Barbara draws on considerable experience as the owner of several successful business herself, which she’s effectively guided through her mastery of these concepts:

  • Human Development and Behavior Analysis
  • Change Management in organizations, adults and children
  • Performance Management of all ages
  • Survey Design
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Assessments for employees, learning abilities and autism
  • Mediation and violence prevention

Barbara is the author of the book A Statistical Examination of the Relationship Between Workplace Anger and Hatred, which you can purchase on Amazon.com. Outside of professional circles, Barbara is a lifelong humanitarian who currently participates in global aid.


Anna Lopez-Wooden - President of The WSI Education and Training Division

Ms. Wooden graduated with a degree in Education
from The Baptist College of Florida, (1999). She received an M.A. in Human Services and Executive Leadership from Liberty University, 2013). Anna is a seasoned master teacher, founded a K-12 school in 2003 and is an executive corporate entrepreneur. 

Anna has taught at many levels in Education, formed a successful non-profit board and obtained successful recognition within the corporate, banking and real estate community. She has taught the Spanish language professionally at learning centers, restaurants, colleges, and through her own projects and language school. She brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and ability to inspire and motivate others to learn at WSI. 

She will lead the WSI Learning Center teams and be a guest speaker at its language classes. Ms. Wooden plans to collaborate with the Organizational Development Solutions Team as they strategize to develop companies from start up.The teams specialize in corporate psychology and organizational health. Her expertise is noted as she is skilled in developing strategies for improving organizational performance, and adapting to changes and challenges in the workplace. She will advise and collaborate within her expertise in several areas including, but not limited to; change management, strategist planning, organizational group assessment, team building, building resilience, conflict resolution and mediation, career and life planning, diversity and inclusion, and training solutions. 

Ms. Wooden’s passion for reading, learning and encouraging others is evident and is also seen in her desire for others to learn. She is a seasoned teacher, leader, conference speaker and WSI welcomes her expertise. She is an aspiring author and enjoys encouraging students at the WSI Learning Center.

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